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  1. Hi Barbara,
    My students love “La Cabeza” on CD 2 and I would like to have the instrumental version. (I have the CD with words.) Can I download the instrumental version or do I need to buy the CD with instrumental versions?

    Hello Sra. Mozley!
    Thank you for asking! You may purchase the download for instrumentals online by clicking the instrumental button next to the song instead of the vocal button. Instrumental versions of each CD are also available for purchase.

  2. Hi Barbara, just a former student from EAGLE stopping by to tell you that all of your songs are pretty much permanently imprinted on my brain. The rest of my French may be rusty but I still sing “Mrs. D.R. Vandertramp” and “Les Gangsters” and “Le Clown Danse” at the drop of a hat, thirteen years later.

    Great hearing from you, Robin! It always makes my day to hear that my songs stay with my students forever!

  3. Hi Barbara, I have a question about the instrumental tracks. I am assumming they just have the background music and no words, correct? Could you tell me if the background music that you used you came up with or if it is versions of other popular songs without the music as well. I am using many of your songs in my classroom but we are learning more vocabulary to go along with the chapter so we have created additional lyrics to sing along to but I was looking for the version without the words.

    Thank you for all your help,

    Angela Willis

    Thanks for asking, Angela!
    The instrumental tracks are just the same as the vocal tracks, except instead of the lead vocal, you have a bell or other quiet instrument indicating where to sing the lead vocal. The songs are all mine, the same ones as on my albums. I recommend writing your own lyrics to my music as well as using them to test students to see if they know the lyrics to my songs. It sounds like you have a creative bunch! Hooray!
    Enjoy the songs!

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