French Bingo Games

Developed by a teacher and tested in real classes, the following bingo games will help students of all ages learn vocabulary. 16 illustrations are on each playing card so that a game may be played in just five minutes. This is just enough time for a fun way to end your class. Students love playing the game by listening to the vocabulary words being called out in the target language, and putting a bingo chip on the illustration of that word. The vocabulary lists are included in the description of each game. Vocabulary lists are included with each game so they may be copied and handed out to students as study guides. Each game includes between 20 and 30 illustrated black and white flash cards, 30 bingo cards, and instructions for different ways to use the game. Color and laminate the cards for years of fun and learning. 300 bingo chips are included with each game so you can begin playing right away!

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Action Verb Bingo

What a great TPR tool! The action verbs are great for listening and speaking reinforcement! Teach this vocabulary right away. It helps get students talking and listening in the target language. Assign actions for each verb to help kinesthetic learners. Students may see the infinitive, familiar and formal singular commands, and the formal plural command form which is provided for each verb. Verbs included are: walk, jump, sit, swim, turn (spin), stamp (feet), dance, sneeze, clap (hands), cough, fall, stop, talk, shout, run, stand, eat, touch, sing, write, show or point out, laugh, cry, watch, look, cut, listen, sleep, and smell.

Item B-42 $19.95

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Animal Bingo

Teach oinks, roars, quacks and squeaks as well as animal names when playing this game. Everyone likes to hear the sounds animals make in different languages, and if students have a sound or action for each animal it not only makes it fun, but helps the memory. Animals included are: pig, elephant, dog, mouse, rabbit/hare, goose, chicks, giraffe, bird, duck, bear, monkey, cat, horse, crocodile, kangaroo, cow, rooster, sheep, lion, tiger, wolf, turkey, fish, and goat.

Item B-24 $19.95

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Body Bingo

If you want happy students, just give them a hand - or a leg, arm or shoulder! Parts of the body are the first words babies learn in a language, so the 20 vocabulary words included in this game are important to many conversations. Just think about being stranded in another country with a headache or a broken arm! You’d best learn the following: beard, teeth, back, feet, eyes, legs, hands, chest, stomach, ears, hair, shoulders, mustache, mouth, tongue, neck, nose, knees, head, and arms.

Item B-20 $19.95

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Advanced Body Bingo

Once you have mastered the simpler version, advanced is the only way to go! The wonderfully illustrated vocabulary includes: brain, bellybutton, fingers, eyelid, waist, chin, thumb, heart, armpit, lips, face, elbow, freckles, eyebrows, cheeks, toenails, hips, dimples, heel, wrist, ankle, pimples, forehead, toes, fingernails, and eyelashes.

Item B-21 (French) $19.95

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Christmas Bingo

This is a great December unit and a fun and easy way to introduce French Christmas customs. Introduce with flash cards, hand out vocabulary sheets as study guides, and then start playing the game! French customs include the king’s holiday as well as Christmas: le roi, la reine, la couronne, la galette, l’arbre de Noël, les cadeaux, les bougis, la bûche de Noël, l’étoile, la crêche, les santons, St. Nicolas, Père Fouettard, la neige, le bonhomme de neige, les sabots, Père Noël, l’ange, les cloches, le traineau, l’âne, la cheminée, les souliers, les rennes, et le berger.

Item B-25 (French) $19.95

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Clothing Bingo

Clothe your students in the knowledge of a language! This bingo vocabulary includes the following basic items of clothing: sweater, underwear, hat, skirt, shorts, shoes, blouse, pajamas, raincoat, underwear, suit, gloves, slippers, swimsuit, overcoat, socks, boots, shirt, mittens, pants, scarf, tie, T-shirt, and dress.

Item B-22 $19.95

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Cultural Bingo

Use this game to spice up your class with lots of interesting cultural French facts! Cultural items for this game were chosen with help from the cultural section of a past National French Exam. Items include: la Seine, les Alpes, la pétanque, le Louvre et la pyramide du Louvre, les Invalides or L'Hôtel des Invalides, Camembert, le 14 juillet, la fête nationale fançaise, la carte de la Corse, le pain, les francs, la Loire, Marie Antoinette, L'Obélisque de la Concorde, Mont Blanc, Louis XIV, L'Arc de Triomphe, Jeanne d'Arc, le vin, Napoléon, la Martinique, la Tour Eiffel, le Musée d'Orsay, la Cathédrale de Notre Dame, la Cathédrale de Reims, l'Avenue des Champs-Elysées, le Tour de France, le château, Azay-le-Rideau, la Basilique du Sacré Coeur, le château, Chenonceaux, la casse-croûte.

Item B-48 (French) $19.95

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Food Bingo

Cook up some fun while teaching food vocabulary! Flashcard pictures include: soup, milk, salad, potatoes, steak, ham, waiter, fish, plate, knife, fork, spoon, cook, bill, apple, banana, orange, strawberries, grapes, carrots, butter, bread, cheese, chicken, cake, candy, cookies, and ice cream.

Item B-30 $19.95

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Holiday Bingo

Although Christmas and Hannakuh are not included, this set has enough other French holidays to last you a whole year! This game is a great tool to use with the French Holiday Lesson Unit, or use the flash cards as visuals to teach each holiday as it comes during the year, and then play the game at the end of the year as review. Either way, have fun! Holidays in the game are: Birthday/Saint's Day, Valentine's Day, King's Holiday, Mardi Gras, Pâques, April "Fish" Day, May Day, Le Tour de France, and le 14 juillet. The 30 vocabulary flashcards include: le gateau d'anniversaire, le jour de saint, les bougies, les cadeaux, le coeur, les fleurs, je t' aime, l'hiver, la galette des rois, les trois rois, la couronne, la fêve, les costumes, les crêpes, les ballons, les chars, or le défilé, les colliers, un oeuf, trois oeufs, la couronne de pâques, le poussin, le lapin, le poisson d'avril, la porte bonheur, spring, le vélo, la concurrence, l'automne, le 14 juillet, l'été.

Item B-29 $19.95

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School Bingo

Teach all-important school vocabulary with the flashcards, then test your student' retention with the bingo game. Great for the beginning of the year when students return to school! Vocabulary includes: map, chalkboard, globe, computer, student desk, teacher’s desk, book, notebook, folder, paper, pencil, pen, locker, door, lunchroom, lunch, book bag, clock, ruler, eraser, window, chalk, classroom, tape recorder, and teacher.

Item B-34 $19.95

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Sports Bingo

You can bet they'll find their favorite sport included among these 30 popular activities! Play the flash card game to introduce vocabulary and the bingo game to reinforce what they've learned. Sports include: bicycling, running/track, swimming, boxing, table tennis, bowling, sky diving, auto racing, ice skating, golf, roller skating, wrestling, football, sledding, tennis, surfing, volleyball, cross country skiing, horse-back riding, gymnastics, diving, hockey, weight-lifting, sailing, water skiing, soccer, downhill skiing, baseball, mountain climbing, and basketball.

Item B-23 $19.95

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Transportation Bingo

Students of all ages will need to know how to get from here to there in their new language. Enjoy the trip using the 22 black and white flash cards which include: airplane, bus, roller skates, motor boat, hot air balloon, van, helicopter, car, bicycle, ocean liner, motorcycle, truck, downhill skis, taxi, sailboat, horse, snowmobile, water skis, train, moped, subway, and skateboard.

Item B-38 $19.95

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Occupational Bingo

From bricklayer to doctor, teacher to clown, enrich your students' vocabulary with 30 traditional, as well as unusual, jobs. Provides both audio and visual stimulation for greater retention! The list of occupations include: doctor, secretary, baker, artist, bricklayer, fisherman, dancer, cowboy, fireman, nurse, carpenter, waiter/waitress, policeman, chef, teacher, musician, travel agent, baby sitter, soldier, hair stylist, truck driver, grocer, clown, lawyer, garbage collector, librarian, sales clerk, dentist, farmer, and sailor.

Item B-50 $19.95

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