Spanish Picture Sets

Reproducible black-line drawings ready for students to color. Use them as bulletin boards, visuals to teach song lyrics without translation into English, or as fun pictures to send home with students!

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12 Days of Christmas Picture Set

Use these lively illustrations as flashcards while learning our Spanish non-traditional version of the "Twelve Days Of Christmas" song from Tacos 1, or as props when presenting a program. Color the 8 1/2" x 11" cards and laminate them to last for years. This original version of the traditional English song includes illustrations for: 1 little pig, 2 little bears, 3 small cars, 4 small peppers, 5 books, 6 worms, 7 red balloons, 8 dark eyes, 9 small bananas, 10 small pencils, 11 small boats, and 12 little burros.

Item X-13 $9.95

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Dress Up Cow Picture Set

A wonderful classroom activity for younger students! Reinforce clothing vocabulary by having students color, cut-out the clothing and dress the cow in her outlandish outfit. Use as visuals for "La Vaca Beatriz" on Tacos 2 or "a Vache Sophie" on Quiche 3, or use one of the creative ideas provided with the set of 12 cows.

Item P-08 $9.95

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Facial Expressions Pictures

Happy and sad, healthy and sick, love and hate, brave and scared, nice and mean, smile and frown, asleep and awake, thin and fat, and cry are the 17 expressions included in the expressions pictures. Color and laminate them for added durability. Mount them to sticks or hold them up as they are as masks. And then use them as visuals when singing “Los Contrarios” on the first album of Sing, Dance, Laugh and Eat Tacos.

Item P-16 $12.95

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Family Pictures

You think you have a big family! This set of 15 whimsical illustrations includes 39 family members and 30 pets in one little house! Color and use the 8 1/2" x 11" black and white cards as flashcards and bring “Mi familia grande” from the first Tacos CD to life. Students can enjoy coloring the heavy cardstock pictures and then they may hold them up as their picture is sung as they listen and sing along.

Item P-15 $9.95

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Farm Animals Pictures

Go down on the farm and find out what the animals have to say! Use these 10 charming illustrations as flashcards, or color, cut out and mount them on chopsticks or pencils to make them into sturdy puppets the students can hold. The ten animals on the 8 1/2" x 11" cards correspond with the traditional song from Argentina, “Vengan a ver mi granja” which is found on the first Tacos CD.

Item P-10 $9.95

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"La Rana" Picture Set

The frog is singing under the water when along comes a fly, and when the frog began to sing the fly made him be quiet. Each picture depicts a verse of the song and includes the entrance of a new character; the frog, the fly, the spider, the rat, the cat, the dog, the stick, the fire, the water, the bull, and finally the knife! This traditional Mexican song is full of repetition and very memorable once you have sung it and pictures help tell the story. Color the eleven 8 1/2" x 11" cards to use as visuals with the song "La Rana" found on Tacos 2!

Item P-09 $9.95

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Places To Go Picture Set

Visit a farm, train station and amusement park without ever leaving your classroom! Twenty-nine detailed black and white 8 1/2" x 11" illustrations provide the perfect method for introducing typical places to go in ANY language. Students will have hours of fun coloring this picture set, which can be laminated for years of use. Make your own classroom city! With a copy machine, make transparencies of the places you want to include, copy them onto paper, and put them around your room for students to color. Each student could then be in charge of a place or store in the city leading to lots of role-playing and conversation!

Item P-29 $12.95

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Reflexive Verbs Picture Set

Learning reflexive verbs is never dull with this delightfully illustrated, ready-to-color picture set featuring 18 8 1/2" x 11" illustrations. Use to bring the song "¡Darse Prisa!" (Tacos 2) to life or refer to the enclosed creative ideas sheet for other unique classroom activities. Includes Spanish and English vocabulary sheets.

Item P-18 $9.95

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Stores Picture Set

Shop 'til you drop! With 30 different stores to choose from, these 8 1/2" x 11" pictures are an excellent aid for increasing cultural awareness in any language. Or use them to complement "Chico Chihuahua" (Tacos 3). Make transparencies before coloring and laminating; then use the overhead projector and enlarge them, tracing them on white butcher paper, sheets, poster board or foamcore to make a "city" within your classroom! Use them along with the places to go picture set to role-play lots of different situations or to make up stories about the different places and stores.

Item P-30 $12.95

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Weather And Seasons Pictures

Sing in the rain, or sun, or snow or wind! This whimsically illustrated picture set includes spring, summer, fall and winter scenes and rainy, sunny, snowy and windy conditions. These are no words on the 8 1/2" x 11" cards, so they make wonderful flash cards. Hand one out to each student and ask them to hold up the correct card as you call it out or while singing "Canten" on the first Tacos CD.

Item P-07 $9.95

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