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Book of Plays

Bring traditional fairy tales to life by performing "Goldilocks and the Three Bears," "Snow White and The Seven Dwarves," and "Little Red Riding Hood." This book includes a script for each play both in Spanish and in English (for translation), masters for program covers, transparencies with which to create background scenery, costume suggestions and patterns, finger puppets, and lots of ideas for making your production a success whether your actors are elementary students or in high school.

Item P-50 (Spanish) $29.95

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"Three Little Pigs" Paper Puppets & Play

Older Spanish students will want to act out this simple play for young children, although your young students will want to get in on the act, too! There are paper puppets of the three pigs, their mother and the Big Bad Wolf, in case you want to act out the play using puppets. The pigs come with a variety of little pig outfits to choose from. The Paper Puppets and Play set includes a Spanish, English, and French script. Transparencies are included of mother pig’s house, the straw house, the stick house, the brick house and the pot in the fireplace so that you may put every scene on an overhead projector and trace them onto shower curtains for life-size actors or foam core boards for puppets to use as background scenery. Color and cut out the puppets, laminate them for stability, and mount them on pencils or chopsticks. Sing along with "¿Quien Tiene Miedo del Lobo Feroz?” and the “Lobo Feroz” theme song on the first Sing, Dance, Laugh and Eat Tacos CD. Use instrumental versions of each song to allow your students to be the true stars of the show!

Item P-03 $ 16.95

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"Little Red Hen" Paper Puppets & Play

Join Little Red Hen and her seven lazy friends in the musical play found on the first Sing, Dance, Laugh and Eat Tacos album. Color, cut out and mount the puppets on sticks, laminating them for added stability. Use the 4 transparencies, the field, the mill, the kitchen, and the bread on the kitchen window sill, to create background scenery for a production of this classic story. By putting a transparency on an overhead projector, you or your students can trace and color instant backgrounds for your production of this classic story! This favorite story is simple enough to do with preschool or kindergarten-aged children because of the simplicity of the script.

Item P-04 $16.95

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"Carnaval" Paper Puppets

Bring to life (or to paper) the “Carnaval” song on the first Sing, Dance, Laugh and Eat Tacos CD with 10 cut-and-color Juan and Juanita paper puppets. Each of the 5 Juan puppets fits the clown, king, rooster, monkey and elephant costumes. The Juanita puppets fit the duck, bear, red riding hood, Mrs. Pig and princess outfits. Young students will enjoy coloring them and playing with the different costume pieces. Teachers will want their own set to back with construction paper and laminate for years of use at Carnaval time. They work as art projects, party favors, and as a substitute for costumes. Tape them to chopsticks or pencils for added personality.

Item P-02 $9.95

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