German Bingo Games

Developed by a teacher and tested in real classes, the following bingo games will help students of all ages learn vocabulary. 16 illustrations are on each playing card so that a game may be played in just five minutes. This is just enough time for a fun way to end your class. Students love playing the game by listening to the vocabulary words being called out in the target language, and putting a bingo chip on the illustration of that word. The vocabulary lists are included in the description of each game. Vocabulary lists are included with each game so they may be copied and handed out to students as study guides. Each game includes between 20 and 30 illustrated black and white flash cards, 30 bingo cards, and instructions for different ways to use the game. Color and laminate the cards for years of fun and learning. 300 bingo chips are included with each game so you can begin playing right away!

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