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"The bus driver for our eighth grade students came looking for translations to 'Bistec.' I explained to her that the correct word was 'Biftec' and that they were not using 'foul language!' She was relieved and asked me if they were going to learn another 'food song,' for they were singing it the minute they got on the bus - and never stopped until they got to school (for some as long as a 25-35 minute ride!). She had learned the song phonetically but questioned the meaning of it. I reassured her and gave her a copy. Now she leads or joins them in singing!"

- Middle School Teacher, Barrington, IL

"Your songs are indispensable in a FLES class!"

- Elementary School Teacher, Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ

"Your wonderful CD and book is a perfect addition to our home school."

- Parent, Tobago, West Indies

"A winning combination of catchy rhythms, a variety of songs, and delightful illustrations make this CD/book set just plain fun!"

- ESL Teacher, Moscow, ID

"Eleven and twelve year old French students starting English with Barbara's songs can have such fun learning the basics! I find singing helps them pronounce and talk with more self-confidence."

- Elementary Teacher, Paris, France

"I can't tell you how much my French students are enjoying your songs! I have Quiche 1, 2 and 3 and Chantez Noel and am able to find a song for just about any occasion and lesson plan. Everyone's favorite Christmas song is 'Rodolphe Le Renne' from Quiche 3. We just couldn't get enough of it!. . . Your wonderful products have helped to make my years and the children's successful, exciting and informative."

- Elementary School Teacher, Alexandria, VA

"Loved your CD Chantez Noel - finally, songs which can be understood and are not sung three octaves too high!"

- High School Teacher, Columbus, GA

"My students fell in love with 'Gatatumba' on your Christmas CD. They just couldn't stop singing that one. Thanks for making my job easier!"

- High School Teacher, Lone Grove, OK

"When I first saw your Sing, Dance and Eat Quiche catalog several years ago, I could not believe my eyes! You were offering exactly the type of materials that I had been looking for and had been unable to find . . . [In the past] I spent hours and hours every week making my own teaching supplies and hunting for catchy songs to use. . . I can't believe how successful this approach is."

- Elementary School Teacher, Belleville, NY

"I am really enjoying your materials. The various Bingo games bring rave reviews from my sixth grade class and my daughter's third grade class, as well."

- Middle School Teacher, Daven, CT

"I love the flexibility of your materials!"

- Middle School Teacher, Milwaukee, WI

"I really enjoy your great ideas and I share them with my students. They love the songs and the bingo games. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to teach a second language in this country in a way which is a lot of fun for our students."

- Middle School Teacher, Bradenton, FL

"My eighth graders enjoyed the Bingo games and really achieved mastery of food and clothing vocabularies. . . My FLES students had so much fun with Quiche and Tacos. They just ate them up! I especially enjoyed teaching 'Lundi Matin' with the hand gestures suggested. 'Comptez' was a great rap number song to motivate even the less than enthusiastic language learner."

- Middle School Teacher, Southampton, NY

"Thank you for your hands-on approach to learning which makes younger and older children love a foreign language."

- French and Spanish Tutor, Pekin, IL

"I love all of your activities and songs; my classes are fun and never routine, thanks to your ideas!"

- Teacher, Kaukauna, WI

"I'm writing to tell you how much my class and I enjoy your cassettes. The junior high kids dig your beat!"

- Teacher, Address Unknown (sorry!)

"Thanks for having such great products. This year, I added the Places To Go pictures and Clothing Bingo to my collection. They are great!"

- Middle School Teacher, Green Bay, WI

"I really appreciate your ever-increasing array of choices for classroom activities!"

- Middle School Teacher, Chippewa Falls, WI

"Thanks for everything you've done to help make our foreign language classes more fun! My students think you're the greatest. Everyone gets excited when I announce that we're going to sing 'une chanson de Barbara' (even my seniors!)."

- High School Teacher, Rice Lake, WI